Brendan Hersh

Brendan Hersh is a homeschooled student who has always loved computers and technology. He opened his first web store when he was 8 and is now building websites, creating online content, and digital/print design for clients. He has also taught HTML/CSS classes and has appeared multiple times on HLN for tech reviews.

About Me

When I was 8, I opened my first web store selling origami to my friends in school. Over the years, I became more and more interested in computers and how they work. ¬

I started with learning Javascript on Khan Academy, then moved on to learning HTML and CSS from a homeschool resource site. I loved making my own websites! ¬

Now I’m making websites for clients, practicing new languages, and learning more about computers. I appear on HLN as the Teen Tech Correspondent, and I'm always learning new things! ¬


You can view my portfolio on Dribbble, I post most of my work there.

Contact Me

You can use the form below to send me an email, or send me a DM on Twitter!