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Brendan Hersh šŸ‘‹

Brendan Hersh is a 16 year old homeschooled student who has always loved computers and technology. He opened his first web store when he was 8 and is now building websites for clients, has appeared multiple times on HLN, and teaches HTML/CSS classes.


When I was 8, I opened my first web store selling origami to my friends in school. Over the years, I became more and more interested in computers and how they work.

I started with learning Javascript on Khan Academy, then moved on to learning HTML and CSS from a homeschool resource site. I loved making my own websites!

Now Iā€™m making websites for clients, practicing new languages, and learning more about computers. I appear on HLN as the Teen Tech Correspondent, and I'm always learning new things!


After years of learning how the internet works and learning lots of coding languages, I'm very excited to offer my services of building websites for others.
Websites start at $99 and include up to 5 pages, updates monthly for 1 year, and free greenbar SSL.

You can use this form to get in contact with me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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